3224 Medlin Road

Monroe, NC 28112


Field-Trips at the Ark:

This year make your field trip a unique experience visit THE EXOTIC RESORT ZOO. Bring your class to the most exciting and different Petting Zoo they will ever encounter. We have Hundreds of animals, most of them roaming our 125 acres. We tour you and your children through the whole WNAAA Farm.

We will offer cups with feed for a small fee.  This allows kids to have an experience to interact and touch many different species of animals. As we approach the animals the WNAAA tour guide will educate the children and adults about each of the animals - from where they are from, their diet and unique habits. Many have their own personal name that the kids can go home to tell their parents about.

A Learning Experience..

Following the tour and petting zoo, enjoy your lunch in a covered picnic area. While eating, you can observe the playfulness of our chickens and geese. The Ark provides boy & girl restrooms [Wheel chair accessible] with several stalls and  hand washing areas. From the time they arrive, to the time for them to board their buses for the trip back to school, there is never a dull moment. Our tour guides keep the kids moving from one activity to another and adjust to meet the demands or needs of the teachers.

Never a Dull moment at the Ark!

- Admission: $10 per student

* Teachers are free.

This includes:

- hay ride tour

- walking petting zoo (allowed to pet       and feed animals)

- covered eating area for lunch

- clean restrooms

- farm related games